Our Recruitment Specializations

Business Analysis / Project Management
Business Analysts are the pre-cursors of change, introducing and managing change programs in large organizations. They define needs and recommend solutions that bring value to a business’s stakeholders. Good Business Analysts are excellent communicators and possess good technical, analytical and problem solving skills.

Project Managers are the agents of change – working closely with Business Analysts, They plan and organize actions, responsibilities, milestones and budgets so that the projects they’re responsible for come in on time, on budget and meet the needs set out in the project brief. Apart from having excellent communication, managerial and organizational skills, IT Projects Managers often need specific technical knowledge. Certification in, or knowledge of, Project Management methodologies such as Prince2, ITIL, CAPM, PMP and/or PgMP are also crucial to the successful completion of large-scale projects.

Successfully recruiting for these roles requires a broader skill set as the functions tend to be varied, unique to different organizations. The skills demanded from the candidates are often “soft - people” rather than “hard - technical” focused. This adds a layer of complexity to the recruitment process and ITbility makes sure that the consultants who specialize in this field have had prior relevant industry experience.
Storage and Security
Originally part of traditional IT Infrastructure departments, digital data Storage and Security have now developed into specialised fields in their own right. The amount of information, our reliance on it and the sensitive nature of this digital data has grown exponentially over the past 5 years.

With the increasing development and adoption of technologies such as cloud computing, data duplication, and storage area networks, the storage market has grown significantly over recent years and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. Governments, corporations and financial institutions continue to collect and store ever-increasing amounts of sensitive data. The defence and protection of that information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification and/or destruction has become paramount.

ITbility has become a key partner for both companies looking to manage this increasingly complex challenge and experts who have the skills and experience to support delivery.
Systems and Networks
IT Systems and Networks, often referred to as IT Infrastructure, comprise the hardware, software and network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an Enterprise IT environment. They enable organizations to effectively deliver IT solutions and services to its employees and customers.

ITbility built a team of specialists in this field who are dedicated to connecting IT Infrastructure specialists and employers.
Enterprise Applications
In an ever more complex business world Enterprise Applications aim to improve an enterprise’s productivity and efficiency by providing enterprise level business logic support functionality. This enables the modelling of how an entire organisation works and the creation of bespoke solutions to that organisation’s specific business needs. By definition these applications are big, complex, scalable, component based, and mission critical.

The complexity of these applications and their mission critical status requires specialist capabilities and knowledge. ITbility has a team of specialists dedicated to connecting ERP specialists and employers.
Development and Testing
Often thought of as the very core of the digital world, the development, testing and implementation of new, mission critical IT software products is what enables businesses to gain a competitive advantage. This is a particularly exciting field to be in at the moment as we witness the move from desktop to mobile environments. People and companies demand the latest information be at their fingertips instantly.

ITbility ensures the candidates are perfectly matched to meet client developing and testing requirements, every time.
Technical Support
Post-implementation support of hardware and software is a vital component of any business in the increasingly complex digital age. It keeps mission critical systems online and, perhaps more importantly, drives efficiency in organizations and provides the foundation for constant evolution and improvement.

At ITbility we recognize the value and importance of keeping your IT operations running efficiently and at their optimal level.